You’re nearer than you think

When we start a new project or try to change something in our life we can sometimes get disheartened or give up before we reach the end. We look for signs that we are reaching our goals and if we don’t receive them we might be inclined to give up too soon.

We all know how it feels to get positive feedback, it keeps us motivated. When we get on the scales and we have lost a kg we feel fantastic and it gives us the feedback that we crave to continue with our efforts. The opposite is also is true. When we get on the scales and we’ve put on a kg then we feel deflated and lack the enthusiasm to continue with our efforts and inner chatter might be something like this.

What’s the point, who am I kidding I’m never going to be able to do this.”

Earlier in the year we discovered that the sub-frame to our outdoor patio was rotting and we had to pull up the deck to see the extent of the damage. It was really soul destroying to see our lovely deck in piles of wooden blanks and the rot underneath. On the bright side we now had the opportunity to replace it with composite boards which would mean that my husband would not be re-sealing it and sanding it every few years. So we set about seeking a replacement for the deck. It was an expensive exercise, but we had no choice and at least we could replace it with something that would last longer and need less maintenance. The planks had also started to cup due to bad construction and the wood rot.

For months we have had a building site in the back garden with decking pulled up, taken out to the tip, sand everywhere and a great big gaping hole where my beautiful patio once was. This went on for some time as the base was prepared for its new boards.

Just a few days ago our new patio was laid and we set about putting all the outdoor furniture back in its place. I had cleaned all the cushion covers and netting that went around the bali hut, so I put all these back and that night as we were in the spa looking out at our beautiful new patio I remember thinking how quickly it had all come together in the end after months of construction and mess. The result was definitely worth the effort and the wait.

We need to see the end in sight, but some goals are just too big to see the finish line and  some are really unclear however if it is something that you really want then it is worth putting in the effort and being prepared to be patient for signs of success and one thing for sure is that you won’t see any if you give up too soon.

You wouldn’t plant a seed in the garden and go out the next day and pull it out if it hadn’t already sprouted, so patience really is a virtue when it comes to long term goals. Focus on the end result and how it will look and feel when you have accomplished your goal and if you do get setbacks on the way let them ride past you as you focus on your end result even if you can’t see the finish line. You can imagine it and give your reward centre a sense of what is to come.  The brain really can’t distinguish between what is happening in its physical world and the imagination so enjoy your end results right NOW and turn on the neurotransmitter dopamine to give you that bit of reward and feel good that you need to keep going.

Good luck with your new projects and goals and remember if it is really important to you to keep going until you get some signs that you are on the right track.