Online Training

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We lead such busy lives, sometimes it is difficult to get to workshops and therefore get the coaching and training that can help us to succeed in life. We want things immediately and more and more people are accessing learning online which makes perfect sense. 

To make this even easier, rather than providing logons and you having to access training I will deliver it directly to your inbox. This means you will receive videos and worksheets directly to you and you won’t have to remember logins and passwords and will arrive just when you need that little bit of inspiration or motivation.

Each month the training and coaching focus will be different but will focus on areas that are relevant to every woman, so each month you will gain massive benefit without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

I have been delivering this training face to face for years and completed a Masters qualification in e-learning so am able to convert what I train to an  online platform in a way that creates engaging learning that gets results as long as you follow up by taking INSPIRED action and you will get coaching strategies and techniques delivered to your inbox between modules to keep you on track.

You will also have access to a Members Only Facebook Group that will provide you a forum to share your learning with others and ask questions that I will answer as coaching for the group. The group will also keep you accountable for your progress. 

These modules are part of all of the coaching packages that I offer to keep you focussed on areas that are important to your success and wellbeing.

Online Training Modules

Master your Emotions
October 2019

For every woman who wants to learn how to identify her emotional patterns and learn new emotional programming. Whether you are going through life transitions, struggling with change or want to rise to a new challenge this online training will clearly show you how your emotions are currently driving your behaviours and teach you techniques for change.

What you will learn

  • What exactly are emotions?
    How to master your emotions. Techniques and strategies that you can use every day to take back control.
  • Emotional response
    What influences your emotional responses and how to change your automatic responses.
  • Emotional hijack & contagion
    What is happening when your emotions take over and how to take back control? How you are influenced by those around you. Your emotional imprint.
  • How to master your emotions
    Techniques and strategies that you can use every day to take back control. Visualisation and guided meditation to anchor your new emotional state.

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Master your Time Management
November 2019

Learn how to maximise use of your precious time so that you can perform at your best and be as successful as you can in all areas of your life. Identify some of your time wasters, your own style of time management and strategies and techniques to maximise your effectiveness.

What you will learn

  • Time management style
    Recognise your patterns around time management such as procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Focus and prioritisation
    How to focus on what is important and urgent, rather than quick wins.
  • Becoming more resourceful with less
    Learn to become more resourceful with what you have and find efficiencies in what you are doing so you can focus more of your time and energy on what is important to you.
  • How to master your time management
    Techniques and strategies that you can use every day to take better manage your limited time and increase your personal productivity.

Image of Woman Stressed

DeStress your Life December 2019

Understand how stress manifests for you and your stressors, identify early signs of stress and long term effects. Learn techniques to prevent, reduce and manage stress so that you can turn it into positive energy and use it to drive your actions towards what you want and away from what you don’t want.

What you will learn

  • What is stress
    Understand what stress is and it’s impact on health & wellbeing
  • Triggers
    Recognise triggers for stress and how to reduce / eliminate their impact. How to recognise early warning signs.
  • Flight or fight
    Understand the automatic response created by stress in your body and how to manage.
  • How to destress your life
    Techniques and strategies that you can use every day to reduce your stress and make it work for you not against you.