Hi I’m Deanna

My personal mission statement is, “To live a life of passion and purpose, to elevate myself to the highest version of myself and inspire others to do the same.”

I am fascinated with what makes people tick and am passionate about coaching and facilitating change in others through change in mindset, behaviours and the development of new skills. I have studied emotional intelligence and mindset mastery for many years and have accumulated qualifications and experience in facilitating change. I am a qualified life coach, trainer and assessor, personality profiler, have a masters in professional communications and am an emotional intelligence & NLP master coach. 

I have spent many years gaining this experience and can cross between training, life coaching and NLP to tailor programs that suit what women want.

I have decided now in 2019 to launch What Women Want Coaching as I have finally decided that where I feel the most passionate is when I am working with women, I love the energy and feel at my most inspired when working with female energy.

I practice meditation each day and have found my path is far more focused and I feel happier than I have in a long time. I hope to see you on this journey!

Life is not meant to be mediocre or difficult, we are not meant to experience pain and stress on a daily basis. We are meant to live in harmony and balance.

When I am coaching or training I love to see the light bulb moment when someone experiences  a profound realisation as I know that change is inevitable. I love coaching and training people to live an empowered life and I am in my element in a room full of women who aspire to grow and learn.

I am passionate about helping people make change and I am most passionate when I am in a group of women, there is a different energy so I have made the decision to focus on women that are facing life changes, moving on, moving up, women who want more…

I was born in London, studied in the Midlands, lived in Wales and the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and mainland Spain. I emigrated to Australia in 2003. Australia is now home but I still have fond memories of my roots.

I am a Consultant and Facilitator for Registered Training Organisations  and facilitate workshops such as:

  • Time Management and Personal Productivity
  • Stress Less and Build Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Ignite! Leadership Program
  • Career Planning and Resume Writing (and Coaching)
  • Leading and Managing Change

As a qualified training and assessor for business and leadership I have also trained and assessed the following qualifications:

  • Diploma of Leadership & Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • Certificate IV in Business Administration & Certificate IV in Customer Service
  • Diploma & Certificate IV of Training and Assessment

To see more of my professional qualifications and skillsets as well as more professional testimonials, see my LinkedIn professional networking profile.

I am glad that you have landed on my page and hope that you find inspiration to realise your true potential passion and purpose. I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments on my blogs and let me know what you want to hear more about.


“Deanna is highly passionate about behavioural sciences and transformational change, which is most probably why she makes a wonderful coach. As a coach, she is warm and genuine, making her clients feel at ease and able to build rapport with her. She is able to push her clients out of the comfort zone in a gentle, non-intrusive manner, leading them towards change.”
Image of Valentina Bailey
Valentina Bailey
Director Talent Development
“I attended one of Deanna’s “Seven Strategies for Success” I found the content to be most useful. Deanna is a very engaging speaker. I also had an NLP session with Deanna which I also found to be very rewarding. Deanna made me feel comfortable during the whole experience, and I found it even to be fun. Deanna is a wealth of knowledge around many topics, very helpful and warm. I highly recommend anyone to attend Deanna’s courses, or seek out her sessions for your own personal development.”
Image of Jodie Burnett

Jodie Burnett
Outsourced CFO
“Deanna does not settle for second best in anything she does and has always endeavoured to deliver above and beyond what is expected from the client or her colleagues. With innate skills in building relationships in complex and dynamic environments, Dee has a keen interest in the human psyche and and performance improvement i.e. “getting the best out of yourself” and facilitates in this environment exceptionally well. Deanna is a vibrant, vivacious facilitator of learning and really does bring out the best in those she works with.”
Image of Sue Hickton
Sue Hickton
Director Strategic Learning Curve
“I attended the 7 strategies for success workshop run by Deanna. I enjoyed the opportunity to challenge my thinking about what is possible and work through several strategies to achieve my goals.
The workshop introduces you to the latest in neuroscience. No more excuses for not achieving success! Deanna is a skilled facilitator and welcomes and supports you work through your limiting thoughts to push through to new realms. I’m looking forward to more of this when it’s offered.”

Pam Vercoe
Director Training by Design