7 Strategies for Success Master Classes starts with FREE session 16 July 2021, a coaching model for lasting change and success.

7 Strategies for Success

For women who want to learn how to create lasting change and have more success in all areas of their lives.

Master Classes are a perfect way to learn these success principles in short one hour sessions where you can put the theory into practice between sessions. Perfect for bite sized training during your lunch break. 

These one hour weekly master classes are based on success principles and an easy to use coaching model that you can use to create lasting transformation in your life.

You will be introduced to the latest information based on neuroscience, NLP, life coaching techniques that you will be able to use on yourself after the workshop and continue to create lasting change.

Have you ever tried to make a change in your life only to revert to old patterns or not been able to break out of old habits and behaviours? You may be missing one small piece to the puzzle. Without it you could spend years trying to make changes and still be unsuccessful.

7 Strategies for Success - image of the coaching model
Want to make lasting change and let go of self-sabotage? Live the life of your dreams. 7 Strategies for Success. Woman looking happy.



Fed up going around and around in circles not getting where you want to go? Learn simple success strategies. 7 Strategies for Success. Image of woman frustrated.
Want to learn how to create more success in your life using proven methods? Create lasting change. 7 Strategies for Success

Learn success principles that work to create lasting change and stop the craziness of going around and around in circles, only to end up in the same place that you started.

Deanna will share with you a simple coaching model that she has designed to create success for her clients.

You may be a coach yourself and interested in finding new techniques and strategies to use with your own coaching clients.

master class: starts 16 july 2021 – 3 september 2021


  • How to create a mindset for success that aligns with your life vision.
  • How you language your life – how your internal and external dialogue powerfully impacts your outcomes.
  • How to master your emotions – how to create a peak state for performance, how emotions may be used to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.
  • The power of your habits and behaviours – how habits and behaviours are formed and how to create more resourceful habits and release ones that no longer serve you.
  • The power of modelling – learn how to role model excellence and identify patterns that you can transfer to your own life or from one area of your life to another.
  • The power of visualisation – how to create powerful visual representations so that the mind believes it to be real.
  • How to create lasting change – how to create new skills, habits and behaviours that have a lasting impact on your success.


  • Identifying your limiting beliefs – uncover how your belief system may be holding you back without you being conscious aware of it.
  • Language or self-talk – internal dialogue or repetitive language patterns that may be holding you back from your potential.
  • Your emotional patterns and key emotional states – emotions that may be replaying for you or have become embodied. Learn how to break free from these patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • Unresourceful habits – undercover your secondary gain – what you get from what you are doing right now and how to replace with more resourceful strategies, habits and behaviours.
  • Your vision for the future – how to discover this and use the power of visualisation to make it a new reality for you.
  • Your rituals and daily routines that have created exactly where you are today and how to then create more empowering habits and behaviours.


  • Make conscious changes and create success habits that create lasting change in your life. No more putting up with less than you deserve or tolerating what you no longer want in your life.
  • Focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. Learn how to take Inspired Right Action.
  • Create the life of your dreams. Find your purpose. Live your passion.


7 strategies for success – the coaching model


choose your mindset

Let go of limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back from your full potential.
Dive deep to ensure that you identify beliefs that you may be holding onto within your subconscious and limiting your ability to create lasting transformation.


choose your dialogue

Learn how the words that you use both internally and externally massively impact your outcomes and how to change to a more empowered way of communicating so that you align with what you want to achieve. Explore how you are instructing your subconscious by your inner chatter and the power of words.


choose your state

Your emotional state and how you manage your emotions impact powerfully on your outcomes. Learn how to create and maintain powerful states so that you can have more of want you want and less of what you don’t want. Our emotions are messengers, but we do not always listen to the message and can get trapped inside emotional states that do not serve us. Learn how to recognise these states and transform them once and for all.


choose your strategy

Your daily routines, rituals and behaviours create your life. If these are not aligned and moving you towards your desired outcomes then you will continue to not meet your goals or maintain them. Learn how to interrupt these patterns long enough to create new ones that are aligned to your goals and desires.


role model excellence

Learn the power of modelling and how to model what works so that you can take inspired action towards your goals and true desires. Success leaves clues, learn how to find these clues and put them into inspired action, based on what has created the success that you want from those who have already created it.


visualise your new reality

The mind cannot distinguish between what is actually occurring in your external world with what is happening inside; in your imagination or dreams. Learn the powerful technique of visualisation to create your new reality.


practice makes perfect

Learn how the brain is wired to create new and lasting change, so that you do not just experience a fleeting moment of inspiration and create a one-off success, but create a lasting and significant transformation.

master class program

  • Week 1: FREE Introductory Session: How to Make Lasting Change
    Friday 16 July 2021 12.00 – 1.00 pm
    The process of change, neuroplasticity, how we create new skills, habits and behaviours.
  • Week 2: Choose Your Mindset
    Friday 23 July 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn how to create a success mindset that aligns with your goals.
  • Week 3: Choose Your Dialogue
    Friday 30 July 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm
    Learn how you language your life.
  • Week 4: Choose Your State
    Friday 6 August 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn how to master your emotions and create a peak state for performance.
  • Week 5: Choose Your Strategy
    Friday 13 August 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn how to create habits and behaviours that align with your goals.
  • Week 6: Role Model Excellence
    Friday 20 August 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn the power of modelling proven success strategies.
  • Week 7: Visualise Your New Reality
    Friday 27 August 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn the power of visualisation to align with your life vision.
  • Week 8: Practice Makes Perfect
    Friday 3 September 2021 12.00 – 1.00pm

    Learn how to create new habits and behaviours for lasting change.

How much are the master classes

25.00 each master class OR $175.00 full program

You can select to attend individual master classes or commit to and book the full program. SELECT NUMBER AND INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS you want to attend at checkout.
Where you commit to and book the full program you will receive a link to rewatch the recording if you miss a session or arrive late to a session.

What Our high attraction Clients Say About Us

Working with Deanna’s 7 Strategies for Success definitely helped me dig a bit deeper and get the right mindset to move forward, definitely walking away feeling a lot more confident in what I am doing and have a lot more drive, vision and inspiration.

Sheldean Perrett

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