Become an Inverse Paranoid. Woman walking onto beach thinking that the world is conspiring for her.

Success Principle #6: Become an Inverse Paranoid

Imagine how life would be different if every time something happened you believed that the world was conspiring for you not against you? This is how the most successful people become as successful as they are. They are not derailed by what others might consider to be a setback or failure, they look for the silver lining and always find one.

Quite often when something unexpected happens that we feel somehow does not sit with our intended view of the world and how things should be, then we question why people are not on our side, why things never work out for us. We focus on the downside.

Clement W Stone, Jack Canfield’s mentor, was described as an “inverse paranoid.” Instead of believing that the world was plotting against him he believed that it was plotting for him. He is also quoted to have said, “When life hands you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade.”

In every situation that we might be inclined to think of as a sign that the world is not on our side there is always an upside. Sometimes this does not become apparent until much later.

I remember crying as I boarded a plane at Heathrow Airport in 2004. I was leaving behind my home, family, friends and partner and to this day I have not been back. My marriage was over, which by the way, I never speak of as being a failed marriage, and I was boarding the plane to join my family in Australia. That day was one of the most painful days of my life. There was a massive silver lining, though, one that I could not see it on that day or for some time to come.

Getting on the plane that day brought me to Australia, a country I am now proud to call home. It is a vast beautiful country with amazing opportunities, climate and people and it is here that I met my husband and soulmate, and I am now living my dream of writing my first book. I have spent years in an area that I love, personal and professional development and I am extremely happy.

I have been made redundant at times when I needed to move on and have found better opportunities and furthered my career. I now do have a belief system that says that when I choose to walk away from one opportunity another one better is around the corner and it has never let me down.

I have turned down job offers, only to be offered a bigger and better one a few weeks later. I have never doubted that when I have made a move from one area to another that it would not be for the better and it is that belief that keeps me moving towards bigger and better things.


  • Ask yourself the question next time that you feel that the world is conspiring against you. What opportunities are there in this?
  • Have the belief system that when something does not turn out the way that you had wanted or anticipated that something better is just around the corner.
  • Ask yourself, what is this preparing for me that is going to be even better than this?

There is always a silver lining, sometimes we need to look a bit deeper to find it.