Baby Steps, Changing Old Habits

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is about patterns and behaviours that we adopt from an early age.

When we were small we looked at our adult role models and imitated what they did to develop our skills, both motor skills and intellectual skills. We watched them and copied. They were walking, we started to try and at first we would crawl and drag ourselves around and every now and then we would muster up the strength and determination to attempt our first step. The result? We hit the ground, it was difficult, it was the first time after all. What did we do? Did we sit on our backside and quietly say to ourselves, that hurt I’m not doing that again or did we have a few tears, possibly chuckle to ourselves (even back then we were all different) and get back up and try again?

Imagine if we just sat there and thought, well that hurt I’m never going to do that again and stayed on the floor? We laugh, but think about some of the things that you are doing right now. Are there things that you have found difficult so given up on even though you want it more than anything? Fear can paralyse us, yet when we were a toddler we didn’t have that concept of fear to hold us back.   Think about some things right now that you would like to change and ask is the fear worth the price of what you could achieve if you could lose that fear and take your first step?

Of course, in time as youngsters we learned fear as well, after all we are copying our role models right? So whatever fears and limiting beliefs that our role models had we have either consciously or unconsciously adopted. We trusted that their fears worked for them, so they must work for us too, right?

There comes a point in time when we realise we are back down there on the floor and we are finding it difficult to get back up. Look at what fear might be holding you back and limiting your potential. Have you unwittingly taken on some of the beliefs and behaviours of your earlier role models that no longer serve you? How can you change these limiting beliefs or behaviours to get you to where you want to go?

As a toddler did you think when you hit the ground, how embarrassing I hope no-one noticed? No because it was a natural thing to do as it is still sometimes for us to hit a low. Life is ups and downs, it’s how we ride the wave that matter, so work on your bounce. When you hit the floor get up quickly, dust yourself down and hope that no-one noticed and if they did work it, own it, it’s what makes us human.

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